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This is a castle filled with craftsmen and story tellers. It starts with just a few rooms but will continue to grow.

Welcome. Make your self at home.


Dec 2018

Integration of the shopping cart system is almost finished. It'll be going live and taking real orders at the beginning of 2019. I'm also working on some new exciting items.

Oct 2018

NEW ITEMS! Featuring new wire colors: Silver and Bronze. Items are up on Etsy as well as here.

Sept 2018

Big update. I'm working on a login system so that you can create your own account. My next step is to add a shopping cart system so that you can purchase items directly from this site.

I've opened a twitter! @GreyRavensCast1

I just finished some new wire wrapped items, including earrings and stone pendents. I'll have pictures up soon.

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